Pakistan Has More CNG Vehicles and Stations Than Any Other Country

via www.dailytimes.com.pk

Pakistan has been reported to have the largest number of CNG-powered vehicles in the world – leaving behind Brazil and Argentina for the first time, according to International Association of Natural Gas Vehicles. Pakistan also boasts the largest number of CNG filling stations in the world. The number of operational CNG pumps has increased to 17,000, while around 200 CNG pumps are being established and 4,000 investors have shown interest to set up fuel stations of this gas. The number of CNG-run cars have exceeded to 1.6 million throughout the country. The number of CNG filling stations has also grown largely in the country. “The country has shown an extra-ordinary growth of 5.5 million vehicles in the last seven months of the current year as the number of CNG-run vehicles stood at 10.5 million at the beginning of the year.” Brazil, the second largest user of natural gas, has 1.42 million CNG-run vehicles. The third largest user, Argentine, has 1.35 million consumers. Private owners run around 70 percent of CNG filling stations while 30 percent are run by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs).

Suggested by Maddie Hah