Huge Karachi Floating Ship Makes Sailing Virtual

via in.news.yahoo.com

It’s being called Pakistan’s ‘unsinkable’, virtually floating ship which aims to give people a taste of sailing or cruising without actually going anywhere. Spread over 55,000 square feet, the ship is currently ‘anchored’ at the shores of Clifton Seaview Beach in Karachi. The ship’s entrance resembles a departure terminal, and its separate decks have been designed to give the sense of being on a cruise. Its top deck, called the Executive Lounge and Ocean View, is an exclusive deck designed for the so-called “VIPs” who want “a peaceful and serene environment.” The Floating Ship has a big parking space to accommodate 220 cars, 110 on each side of the main entrance. Although there will be a crew welcoming guests aboard, and radars point in the right direction, the ship will not leave its place. The bottom deck of the ship, called the Family Lounge and Sky View, has been installed with a virtual-reality entertainment system in which ‘passengers’ can take a daily journey to world renowned places in India, China, Malaysia, US, Thailand, and also “Switzerland” which does not even have a port. The ship also has a part called Edutainment Centre where children can watch free documentaries on global, environmental, and humanitarian issues.