Pakistan Film a Big Hit at International Film Festival

via timesofindia.indiatimes.com

It’s being hailed as the film which has revived a moribund Pakistan cinema. It has received accolades for boldly taking on the fundamentalist Mullah lobby in Pakistan, and the world over, and laying down the real picture. Khuda Ke Liye moves through three countries – USA, England and Pakistan – with the message of tolerance and humanity. The film, which has sent the ‘fundoos’ into paroxysms of protest, is a powerful indictment of the current face of rigid, conservative, violent Islam. And in the end, what remains is the compelling picture of the young, jean clad Muslim using his musical talents both on stage and in the mosque. The debut filmmaker read an interview of an ex Pakistani pop singer, Junaid Jamshed who not only denounced his band Vital Signs, but branded music as anti-Islamic, after being influenced by the radical religious lobby in Pakistan. But more importantly, the film, Khuda Ke Liye (For God’s Sake) has become the talking point at the International film festival after its first house-packed screening on Monday.

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