US Pakistani Lottery Winner Plans to Rebuild Hometown

via www.kentucky.com

Ihsan Khan, 47, is not like any other government official in this country. He is a former Northern Illinois University student, a one-time cab driver in Washington, D.C., and a citizen of both the United States and Pakistan. He is also a multimillion-dollar Powerball winner who was elected mayor of his hometown district in Pakistan two days before the devastating Oct. 8 earthquake. This is his home, and he feels it is his responsibility. After spending half his life in the United States, Khan has left his American Dream behind, or at least put it on hold, to help the place where he grew up. Khan is trying to rebuild the entire district of Batagram, where 4,500 people died in the quake. He said he has already spent about $300,000 of his own money on drugs and medical supplies for survivors and tin roofs for shelters.