Lions Attend Pakistan Wedding as Elephants Fail

via www.jang.com.pk

A general councilor Ghulam Mustafa hired motorised cages of four lions and 50 horses for a marriage party of his younger brother Sharafat Ali on Friday night. Believe it or not but it is a fact that a Henna party used motorised cages of lions as transportation to reach bride’s house. This is a unique tradition in the history of Multan, perhaps of the country. Earlier, the groom tried to use elephants for his ‘Baraat’ but failed in his attempt. “I have tried my best to hire elephants for the marriage party of my younger brother Karamat Ali but no body was ready to provide elephants for this purpose, however, I set a world record by hiring lions for my brother Sharafat Ali,” said Ghulam Mustafa.