American MASH Unit in Pakistan Leaves Fond Memories Behind

via news.bbc.co.uk

On Thursday, US forces handed over the 212th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, stationed in the earthquake-devastated city of Muzaffarabad, to the Pakistan army’s Medical Battalion. Major Piotrowski said the Americans were leaving with lasting memories. The MASH spent their last few days training Pakistanis to use the stuff they are leaving behind. MASH officials say they are extremely pleased at the way their work in the earthquake zone was received. Pakistanis working with MASH seem to be aware that they are a part of history as this is the last of the MASH units. “When I first arrived in Muzaffarabad, I saw the whole town was decimated, there was rubble everywhere, people were just standing around in shock and despair, But now you can see a lot of construction going on. Shops are opening up, kids are going back to school . It is great to see Muzaffarabad moving from devastation to recovery.”