Lahore Filmdom Upbeat on the Spirit of Valentine’s Day

via www.dailytimes.com.pk

Lollywood ladies and gentlemen are also trying to follow the trend. Meera has received bouquets from Pakistan and across the border and will get a costly Mercedes car from a ‘close friend’ as a gracious Valentine’s Day gift, sources told Daily Times. Red will be the order of the day. Fashion designers and beauticians have interesting comments to share with people, on Valentine’s Day dresses and make-up. Lahore’s major Valentine’s gala where the glitterati meet each other ‘heart to heart’ will be held at a big house in Cavalry Grounds. The ‘Valentine’s Buzz’ will be celebrated by people related to fashion industry. Damsels like Sofia Mirza, Neha, Aleena and Sara Gillani would add to the party’s flair with dazzling smiles and classy figures.