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Pakistan Sitar Maestro Casts Indian Spell


Sitar maestro Ustad Rais Khan and his son Farhan presented a duet and left the audience spellbound by their skillful rendition of various ‘ragas’.Ustad Rais Khan delineated the intricacies of Raga Yamini, which was much appreciated. Later, he played the tune ‘Pyar hai apse, zindagi pyar hai’. Ustad Rais Khan also presented the famous Urdu couplet ‘Shama jalti hai ye kisi ne na socha, mome ke bhitar dhage ka jigar jalta hai’. The programme was held under the joint auspices of the Sangeet Parishad of Kashi, Kala Prakash, a cultural organisation, Rotary Club Varanasi Central and Inner Wheel Club Varanasi Central.