Pakistan’s ‘Comedy King’ at Dubai Festival

via www.ameinfo.com

Umer Sharif’s name is synonymous with laughter. Known as the ‘laughter factory of South-East Asia’, the actor has legions of fans in Pakistan and India. His video plays and audio cassettes of his stand-up comedy shows are popular with Urdu speaking audiences all over the world. The actor has also written, directed and acted in hit films such as Mr. 420, Mr. Charlie and Chand Babu. Last year he regaled audiences at the Zee Cine Awards held in Dubai, drawing uncharacteristic laughter even from Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan. Sharif’s plays ‘Umar Sharif Hazir Hain’ and ‘Begum, Baja aur Baraat’ were well received in Dubai last year and Dubai residents and DSF visitors can look forward to another entertaining show this evening being staged at the main entrance of the pavilion which can also be watched by the passersby.