Pakistani Firm Buys U.S. Call Center

via www.dmnews.com

TeleSpectrum Worldwide, once a top U.S. teleservices provider, has become the subsidiary of a Pakistani firm in a case of an offshore company buying a domestic call center outsourcer.

The Resource Group, a teleservices conglomerate based in Lahore and Karachi, Pakistan, bought TeleSpectrum in October. Financial details were not disclosed. However, The Resource Group said that the addition of TeleSpectrum, King of Prussia, PA, raised its portfolio revenues to more than $125 million and its worldwide staff to 3,000.

“Offshoring” to most people in the U.S. teleservices industry means outsourcing overseas or investing capital in overseas operations, so the idea of investment flowing from Asia to the domestic market might seem like an odd reversal. However, for Art Schoeller, senior analyst at The Yankee Group, Boston, the idea of a Pakistani firm buying a U.S. teleservices provider isn’t all that foreign…

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