Karachi Magnetic Train Project Signed with Chinese Firm

via www.dawn.com

The proposed project, commonly known as ‘Corridor No 1′, envisages introduction of a magnetic train on 17.5 kilometre double and single elevated tracks to be laid between Sohrab Goth and Tower.

The CDGK had earlier signed a preliminary implementation agreement with a Chinese firm, China National Machinery and Equipment Group (CNMEG), following an agreement signed with the governor for implementation of Rail-Based Mass Transit System for Karachi (Corridor No 1) on credit-financing basis at an estimated cost of US dollars 569.3873 million. Sources in the CDGK said the Corridor-1, to be completed in about three years, will not only provide a fast mode of transport to Karachiittes, but would also help ease traffic flow on M A Jinnah Road, S M Taufic Road and Shahrah-i-Pakistan…