Young Islamabad Businessman Begins Early, Plans Big

via www.dailytimes.com.pk

Born in Rawalpindi, I completed my masters in information technology. After my education I worked as manager IT in a private company. Working with the private company for one year gave me enough experience about market trends in IT. With the financial assistance of my father, who works as consultant with a firm, I established my own company in the federal capital some seven months back.

Rawalpindi-Islamabad has unique market for IT. The customers are well educated. That is why my business grew rapidly soon after its establishment. Keeping in view the competition in the market, I strongly focused on quality of all the equipment being provided by our company. The major problem our company is confronting is the denial of loans from banks. Since I have not attained the age of 25, the banks always refuse to approve loans. This problem has affected the company’s growth, which I had anticipated at the outset. The attitude of some senior people working in this field has always been discouraging for youngsters who want to excel…