Punjab Hires Pak-US Tech Firm for Transport Management

via www.marketwire.com

NetSol will design, develop and implement a fully-integrated MTMIS solution, facilitating business processes, enabling information sharing, and streamlining all inter and intra-department communications. The MTMIS will be managed by the Vehicle Registration Authority, along with the local police and constituent districts, including local and provincial police, environmental protection authorities, Highway Safety and Penalty System Management, Urban Transport Planning and Management Authority, Income Tax Department, Highway Development Authority, and Ministries of Energy, Oil and Petroleum.

The new MTMIS system developed by NetSol will also be integrated with the driving licensing system and play a vital role as the central depository of data and information from which other external user groups and stakeholders need to rely upon for their own efficient functioning. Vehicle registration systems house a wide range of sensitive, dynamic (rapidly changing) information, thus viewed by law enforcement and government agencies as critical to local and national security. The dynamic nature deems these more reliable warehouses of data and information than other registration and licensing systems, such as the national identity, passport, domicile, and fire arms systems…