British-Pakistani Boxer Puts Riches on Hold

via sport.scotsman.com

AMIR Khan glanced at his dad and then his manager as he sought the right words for the answer to the question that could shape the rest of his life. Four years from now he could be an Olympic gold medallist or a multi-millionaire. Which would he prefer?

We were sitting in a suite at the Savoy, an appropriately glamorous venue for a legend in the making, mulling over the options now facing a young man who could become an iconic figure in British society if he makes the right decisions.

Tomorrow, he steps back into the ring for the first time since Athens when he fights for England against the United States in Liverpool, although his thoughts are on more distant dreams. Shajaad was a familiar figure at ringside in Athens. He and wife Falak, both born in Pakistan, came to Britain as children and settled in Bolton where they later built up a scrap metal business…