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Pakistani Pop Meets Italian Jazz in Karachi Concert


The occasion: a jazz-cum-pop concert held under the joint aegis of the Italian Consulate-General at Karachi, and the Citizens Foundation, an NGO dedicated to combating illiteracy, having set up a hundred-and-fifty schools for the least fortunate segments of society all over the country.

The programme featured the visiting Italian Jazz group, Luigi Cinque, and his band, and the Pakistani pop group, Fuzon.

However, since Fuzon were held up somewhere along the way and could not turn up till 9:30 pm, the programme started off with a performance by the visiting group. Although in the New Orleans tradition of Jazz, it was quite different from contemporary jazz in that it was not as noisy and ear-splitting as the kind we hear today even though it was certainly boisterous. In particular, the xylophone was really soothing and sobering…