Pakistan to Host First International Volunteerism Conference from 5th

via news.xinhuanet.com

The first international conference on volunteerism is to be held in Islamabad on Dec. 5, International Volunteer Day, to help achieve the goals of the UN Volunteers program (UNV), according to a press release issued here Wednesday by the UN Information Center.

The three-day meeting on Volunteerism and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will focus on the actions needed to promote and advance volunteer contributions as an essential ingredient to achieve the eight goals such as eradicating extreme poverty and hunger; achieving universal primary education and promoting gender equality and empowering women.

The meeting will also feed into the discussions that will take place at the UN General Assembly in 2005 on progress made towards achieving the MDGs and on action that needs to be taken to ensure that all the targets are met by 2015…