Confident Karachi Entrepreneur Earns Dignified Living

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I am a physically handicapped person because of my legs but facing all odds of life with courage and dignity. When I was of 2 years of age, I got a leg injury. I was not born physically handicapped. Some thing went wrong during my 12 years long treatment. After that I could not recover. Finally I became disabled. I studied at home with the help of family members. I am forth among my sisters and brothers. They helped a lot in teaching me through course books. My parents always encourage me. I am a confident person. My father is the employee of customs department. I feel that I am a self-made person and do not like to ask any sort of help from any of my family members. I am fond of watching football matches on television.

On my father’s advice I started this cabin and am doing this business for the last four years. My area people and family members encouraged me in setting up this business. My close friends and family members help me in outdoor purchases. Most of the items like biscuits, wafers, sweets, chocolates, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, adhesive tapes, match boxes, sweet supari and other allied stuff is supplied through van services of distributor firms…