Saudi Arabia’s ‘Mini Islamabad’ Comes Alive with Festivity

via www.arabnews.com

Pakistanis living in Riyadh celebrated Eid Al-Fitr in a traditional way, despite the changes in lifestyle brought about by modern trends. Most Pakistani expatriates preferred to wear traditional dresses, colorful bangles and henna patterns during the celebration. Scores of men, young and old, were seen chewing betel quids, picnicking in the desert and holding gossip sessions.

‘We attended some very lively get-togethers in Riyadh before driving for Madinah on the second day of Eid,’ said Naseem Kamran, an engineer working for the last 25 years here. Kamran said the enthusiasm to hold Eid festivities was evident from a number of lunch and dinner parties organized by individuals and associations during the week.

Traditional clothes and jewelry were worn by Pakistanis of all ages, especially young boys and girls…