20 new Edhi boats for deep sea rescue

via jang.com.pk

The Edhi Foundation has bought some 20 boats to carry out rescue operations to save the lives of fishermen.

Faisal Edhi told The News that out of 20 boats, four were bought for fishermen, to save their lives in case of their vessels’ drowning.

The 20-feet long boat can carry 40 people and is also equipped with public address system and searchlights, he said adding that the cited boats can be anchored anywhere along the shore and needs no jetty.

Faisal said the boats would function in case of missing of fishermen in deep seas during accidental situations.

Earlier, the Edhi Foundation had only one boat to rescue the fishermen in deep seas, he added.

Giving the details of other 16 boats, Rizwan Edhi of Edhi Foundation said some boats were meant for the rescue operations during floods and were of three different sizes, including 3 meters, 3.5 meters, 4.2 meters…