British Pak Newborn Gets Prized Number Plate From Dad

via www.rochdaleobserver.co.uk

THE USUAL teddies, rattles and baby outfits just weren’t good enough for five-week-old Ikra Yaseen.

Her bus driver dad Mohammed was so overjoyed by the birth of his first child, he decided to buy her a one-off gift of a lifetime – a personalised car number plate, E1KRA.

She may not be able to use it for another 17 years, but Mr Yaseen, of Talbot Street, Merefield, certainly thinks the £500 price he paid is money well spent. “I wanted to buy Ikra the gift of the lifetime,” said Mr Yaseen, known as Yas to his customers on the 464 bus to Accrington.

“Her mother Saima also thought it was a great idea because it is unique. “I am a number plate, not a car, fanatic and already have a personalised one myself with M1 RPR on it. It stands for my home town Mirpur in Pakistan.”

The 35-year-old added: “I am so excited about being a dad for the first time. “So are all my customers – they keep giving me cards and telling me they’re really pleased…