State-of-the-art beverage plant in Multan soon

via home.businesswire.com

[American firm] BOC has installed a state-of-the-art liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) plant in Multan, northern Pakistan. The 60 ton-per-day plant, which began operations earlier this year, is capable of producing International Society of Beverage Technology (ISBT)-compliant CO2. The plant is the first of its kind in Pakistan to serve the country’s expanding core of local and international beverage producers.

Andrew Gardner, product marketing director, Process Gas Solutions, South and South East Asia, BOC, said, “Our ability to transfer best practices around the world enables us to provide our global beverage customers with the consistently high-quality CO2 they need to protect and maintain their brand. The combination of global best operating practice, safety, and world class analysis and testing makes us a preferred supplier for beverage industry leaders…