Pakistani motorcycle makers’ price war benefits consumers

via www.dawn.com

The Japanese bike-makers have begun slashing the prices of their products to attract more buyers. The move is aimed at improving market share and customer base at a place overjoyed over entry of the Chinese bikes (local and imported).

Following a cut of Rs2,000 in the CG-125 and Rs4,000 in the CD-70 prices by the Atlas Honda Limited on Monday, the Dawood Yamaha Limited (DYL) too joined the league on Tuesday by announcing a reduction of Rs2,000-3,300. The Suzuki Motorcycle Pakistan Limited (SMPL) is most likely to declare a similar cut, in a day or two. In last one and a half years, the Japanese bike-manufacturers have been making downward adjustments in their prices. For example, market leader Atlas Honda has reduced price of the CD-70 by Rs14,500 to Rs54,000 from Rs68,500, while the CG-125 price has been brought down to Rs71,000 from Rs78,500.

Market people link the cut by Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki to the entry of Chinese bikes which created a healthy competition, thus proving beneficial for the end-users to select the bikes as per their pockets and savings…